Faraha K.

I had an Indian fusion wedding which means the ceremony and venue were western, but guests were mostly Indian. And so it was important that Hindi music was played during the wedding. I don't think Keith was particularly experienced in Indian weddings, but he was willing and confident about his ability to fulfil our Bollywood fix. So I decided to take the chance. Overall, Keith did a pretty good job, especially considering there are nuances between a typical American White wedding and Indian weddings. 

Here's what was great about Keith - 
- I asked him to play an equal share of Hindi and English songs, i.e., 50-50 split. And he did that well. 
- He played most of the songs on my "must play" list. This includes Hindi and English.  
- His announcements were clear and easily understood by the guests.
- The sound quality and volume at which he played the music was also good throughout the event. Not too loud and not too soft. And could be heard from every part of the venue.
- He was on time, and did a good job of keeping the whole event on timeline. 
- During the open dance floor, he was able to improvise on the type of songs to be played based on the mood of the crowd. While I had told him that he could play English and Hindi, it turned out that my guests were only responding well to Hindi songs. Keith was quick to catch on to that and played more of Hindi songs (thankfully I had given him a list of few extra Hindi songs in case he needed it). 
- My coordinator mentioned that we had more people on the dance floor than any other wedding that she had witnessed. I believe the music is a big reason for it! 
- Cherry on top is that Keith's services were reasonably priced.

Here's why I removed one star (would've removed only half a star if that was an option) - 
- At the beginning, he was playing the full length of the songs until we asked him to move to next songs quicker. This part was surprising coz typically DJs don't play the full song during an open dance floor session. However - I really appreciated that he was quick to learn what we wanted and readily incorporated that in no time. 
- At the end of the open dance floor, we had agreed that he'd play a song for the couple's private dance. Keith played this song too early. It would've been nice if he had paused for atleast 2-3 min, waited for the others to clear the floor and then played the song. 
- Right after the private dance, he had queued up the song for our final exit. Again, this song was played too soon. We weren't ready and neither were my guests, and basically the song ended before we did our exit. It wasn't a big issue, coz we just made him replay the song and my guests were loud enough when we exited. 

These were minor issues and didn't come in the way of the fun. All the guests really enjoyed the music and we had a blast that evening.