Marissa L.

I was referred to DJ Keith from one of my friends who had booked him for her wedding. Keith was kind enough to come to our home to meet us a couple of days later and we ended up chatting for an hour and a half. He was so nice, so fun, and had so much knowledge and passion for what he does. Keith was not just our wedding DJ, but someone I leaned on for advice regarding other aspects of our wedding a couple of times throughout the process. Keith was so helpful and went above and beyond to take time out of his day to provide advice for me even though this is not at all something he was required to do. The only way I can describe Keith in regards to the amazing party he threw is that he is a wedding party scientist. He did such an amazing job of feeling out the activity of the dance floor to keep the flow of the party going. If guests were into the song, he song kept going. If they weren't as into a song, he would change it and everyone would just magically gravitate back onto the dance floor. We have him to thank for the best party of our life! We received so many compliments about how awesome our DJ was! I knew that we would receive our ceremony and speeches in full, but I was so excited to receive the audio to hear that EVERYTHING was recorded! It is so fun to be able to listen to the whole experience over again and hear every song that was playing at our wedding. I cannot recommend DJ Keith enough.